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(nuovo)Partito comunista italiano

Commissione Provvisoria del Comitato Centrale


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1st November 04


Founding declaration of (n)PCI


To communists, to the vanguards among the working class and the popular masses


Long live (new) Italian Communist Party


After closing the first phase of reconstruction let’s begin the phase of consolidation and strengthening of the party


   In January 1999 we constituted the Preparatory Commission (CP) for the founding congress of the (new) Italian Communist Party. So we begin a new phase of the struggle for giving a new and real Communist party to the working class of our country, so therefore we begin a new phase of working class struggle against bourgeoisie and for socialism. Then we said that “with constitution of CP a phase opened when the party from one point of view already exists (organizations operating in its name and elaborating methods and rules of its operation are existing) and from another point of view doesn’t yet exist.”

   History of past six years confirms the exactness of that decision. It practically demonstrated that the existence of an organization (the CP) operating in the name of the party is a right line. We have created an organisation able to develop a theoretical and practical activity, to resist and face the repression (CP substantially ensured political and organizational continuity in spite of the hard stroke suffered with the arrest on 23 of June 2003), to give directions to the Subjective Forces of Socialist Revolution (SFRS) and to the vanguards among the workers and the popular masses, to promote constitution of intermediate organizations of the party (Party Committees), simultaneously starting from many points. History of past six years confirms that such an organisation brings forward working class struggle for the construction of its organization ideologically, politically and organizationally free from imperialist bourgeoisie: the new real communist party. Our “Two Points Plan” has pointed and synthesized the complex work of reconstruction done in the past six years.

   The experience of these years with its many positive results and with its limits and errors has shown that the existence even of an embryo of a communist party is a hard stroke for imperialist bourgeoisie, for reformists and for revisionists. On other side it is a little but solid point of reference, orientation and strength, for the popular masses, the advanced among the workers and the SFRS, even for those who have not worked consciously for realizing the plan proposed by CP. The existence of an organization operating in the name of the communist party brings out the value, give a new sense and role to every activity, even to those who aren’t done with any intention or will to advantage us. It gives right direction even to activities which aren’t consciously done for this and turns even the operations of communism’s enemies (and the repression among them) to advantage of the cause of communism. The existence of an organization working with a right line in the name of communist party feeds the faith in the cause of communism in hundreds of workers, youth, women, spurs them to participate with more conviction in the struggle for making Italy a new socialist country, gives a way of mobilization and organization .

   In September the enlarged CP has had its second reunion. The CP struck its work balance and made the analysis of present situation and of next perspectives, then, after a large consultation, has decided to close the first phase of party construction synthesized in the “Two Points Plan” and has opened a new phase, that one of consolidation and strengthening of (new) PCI. We take note that (n)PCI already exists. The type of party allowed by objective and subjective conditions is existing. Enriched  by the experience and lessons in these years and relying on national and international situation the enlarged CP decided the constitution of the (new) Italian Communist Party, the second one in Italian working class history, after the first one founded by Antonio Gramsci under direction of first Communist International.

   We take this important decision because the party existence is not a formal but a concrete and practical fact. We have not been able to create the necessary conditions for holding the founding congress as we have foreseen. Certainly this is a limit, so we shall strongly work for creating as soon as possible the necessary conditions for the first (n)PCI congress. On the other side we take note that (n)PCI already exists in hearts and minds of hundreds of communists in our country. It has conquered and deserved the trust of an important part of Italian and international communist movement. It has carried on a vanguard role in the understanding of concrete situation of national and international class struggle. In many occasions it has interpreted and translated in a line for political action aims and tendencies of the most advanced and sound part of popular masses, of the left part existing in every popular ambit, as for example giving directions in struggle against Berlusconi’s gang and promoting front politics for the SFRS. It has given a direction and a concrete and practicable way for the “caravan” which since the last 40 years has fought for the reconstruction of the party corrupted and disintegrated by modern revisionists. It has acknowledged its mistakes and limits contrasting the trend widespread among the SFRS to swindle themselves and the masses.

   Consequently we decided to dissolve the CP and to constitute a new central organ of (n)PCI, the Provisional Commission. Until the reunion of first party congress it will carry on in the best way the duties of (n)PCI Central Committee. The Provisional Commission is charged:

1.      to direct, accordingly with the approved General Plan of work, until its first congress, the central work of party till now directed by CP,

2.      to publish the Manifesto – Program and the party Constitution which we shall adopt, excepting the power of changes by the first party congress,

3.      to develop the link with intermediate and local party organizations already existing and with those which will be created, exercising over them the direction possible in present conditions, thanks to its authority, accordingly to the approved General Plan of work,

4.      to prepare and convoke as soon as possible the first party congress to whom it will give all its powers.

   Declaring the foundation of (new) Italian Communist Party we commit its consolidation and strengthening not only to our strong determination to fight till victory, but also to the working class’ needs to face the general crisis of world imperialist system and to draw itself and all the humanity out from the mud where imperialist bourgeoisie has plunged it and more and more is plunging for the sake of imperialist social system.

   The (new) communist party is born to complete the work interrupted by first P.C.I.: make Italy a socialist country and so contribute to world proletarian revolution.

   To all the SFRS who contributed to create the necessary and favourable conditions for party construction, we ask for taking note of the new situation and to contribute in party consolidation and strengthening. Concretely we ask for everyone’s placing accordingly to its nature in the party General Plan of work. Today every SFRS already carries its main work on one of the four fronts of the party General Plan of work. In fact this plan is the elaboration and synthesis of the experience of popular masses revolutionary mobilization developing in our country. The more he works consciously and accordingly with party and its General Plan of work the more each revolutionary is conscious of “sense, circumstances and perspectives” (Manifesto of Communist Party, 1840) of his own work, so the more this work will be successful, the less there will be wanderings and hesitations, the more there will be the determination and the strength that it shall receive from the results of the comprehensive fulfilment of General Plan of work. We ask to each vanguard worker and to each communist for giving their personal contribution with more devotion and consciousness to consolidation and strengthening of (n)PCI. We ask to each intermediate and to each basic Party Committee for a more strongly developing consciousness and vision its own work, accordingly with circumstances and with its powers, and we ask them for a more determinate and conscious work to create the ideological, political, organizational and financial conditions for the keeping of first party congress.

   Nowadays our topic, the topic of the new phase, is “concentrate all forces in consolidation and strengthening of (new) Italian Communist Party realizing its General Plan of work, determining instruments for rendering popular masses’ mobilization more free from bourgeoisie” and so permit its amplification.


Long live the popular masses’ revolutionary mobilization!

Long live consolidation and strengthening of new Italian Communist Party!


3 October 2004